My name’s Asad and I am an counsellor, life coach, inspirational speaker and a mentor. I am also a writer and a personal development expert.

I have set up Ask Asad.com for everyone who might be looking for anwers/solutions to their problems but don’t know where or who to turn to for help.

Please write to me at Advice@AskAsad.com and I will offer my suggestions that will hopefully help you deal with your problem(s).

While helping you, I promise to be:

  • Understanding
  • Compassionate
  • Non-judgmental
  • Discreet and
  • Sensitive to your emotional needs

What kind of advice do you give?

I mainly give advice on emotional, personal, social, spiritual and general issues.

What’s the kind of advice that you don’t give?

I do not give any kind of financial, legal or medical advice.

How long would it take for you to reply to my email?

I will reply back to you within three days through email.

Within three days, I will also post my reply, along with your original query, on AskAsad.com

What do I need to write in my post for you to better help me with my problem?

I request you to write sufficient details about yourself and your problem so I could be in a better position to help you.

Will you edit my original query?

As I strongly oppose the use of any kind of profanity, I might edit your query if it has any kind of foul language. I might also edit your query for spelling and grammar.

Will you keep my identity confidential?

Your identity will ALWAYS be kept confidential. Period.

Your email address will NEVER EVER be shared with anyone nor will it ever be posted on AskAsad.com. Only your query and my reply to it will be posted on AskAsad.com

What benefits are there for you? What do you gain from all this?

I gain satisfaction from the fact that I might be making a positive difference in someone’s life.

I also hold personal development workshops in Dubai, UAE. For more details on that, please visit my website www.d2rworkshops.com